About Me

I'm a former teacher turned health practitioner and a mother of two, empowering and educating women to nourish and fulfill themselves so they can pursue healthy and happy lives. We cannot pour from an empty vessel.  Caring for our bodies--throughout pregnancies, recoveries, and child-rearing--is essential to maintaining the vitality necessary to nurture all that is precious to us.

I have a deep interest and passion for integrating healthy and holistic practices into my own life like meditation, cold-plunging, foraging for wild foods, spending time in nature, creating a clean and non-toxic home, and of course eating well and strengthening my body. There's nearly always something new I'm "into" at the moment! I am forever a student of life.

As a military family, we move throughout the United States frequently.  I currently live in and serve the San Antonio community through one-on-one consultations and group trainings. I aim to provide mother and baby-friendly services where you and your baby are always welcomed and nurtured. I also offer distance consultation and am nursing a few online projects still in their infancy.  You haven't see the last of me! 


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Working with Chloe has been totally empowering! After a lifetime of looking at my body through the lens of diet culture I was looking to get to know my body better and to understand what it actually wants. Chloe was amazing at meeting me where I am in my life and understanding the realities of daily life as a mom. Her protocols were simple and totally something I can reinstate as needed on my own. I feel like she has given me some serious tools to take back control of my body and health.
— Megan Quinn, Virginia
Chloe has made a huge impact on how I look at food and my body. When I first came to Chloe it was to do some mom-friendly personal training. She worked with me where I was and kept me aware of my improvement along the way. She really helps you to think of your body as a whole and become aware of what you can do. Together we worked on my nutrition and she helped me to understand that what I was putting into my body was directly associated with the digestive problems I was having. It left me feeling more empowered to make better choices. With my first pregnancy I had bad high blood pressure that caused complications, but after a year with Chloe we’re pregnant again, and this time the doctors are amazed that I have had no complications. Both my husband and I attribute that to the help of Chloe and the work she inspired me to put into myself. No matter where you are or how you’re trying to better yourself, Chloe will be your friend and your inspiration to help you with your journey!
— Sarah Zander, Washington
Working with Chloe helped remind me that my health is my choice. She reminded me that I have the power to change it! The dietary protocols, helpful food suggestions, and introduction to the world of supplements was just what I needed to prompt me to be more mindful about what I’m consuming. I’m grateful to her for being the always patient encourager!
— -Amy Takeuchi, Pennsylvania