You cannot pour from an empty vessel.  The demands of life, relationships, careers, motherhood, and self-development can leave us drained.  Most of the "pop-health" industry capitalizes on our exhaustion, offering us calorie-cutting quick fixes, 10-minute workouts, snake oils, and life hacks that aren't sustainable or nourishing and leave us feeling inadequate.  BRIM seeks to elevate women's health by passing the baton back to YOU to make informed choices for your own health. We focus on filling your vessel--your body--with the nourishment it needs through whole foods nutrition, natural movement, and lifestyle practices.  We start first and foremost with information and education that tunes you in to your own body while still keeping a refreshing big picture in mind. 

You deserve to feel well and live vibrantly.  You deserve to be filled to the brim.

Nutritional Therapy

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


Nutritional Therapy is personalized dietary and supplemental consultation specific to your bio-individual needs.  Our evidence-based approach compiles information from food journals, thorough questionnaires, hands-on physical evaluations, and lingual-neuro testing to determine your body's specific nutritional needs and to meet them effectively.  We work from a foundation of nutrient-dense whole foods and utilize the therapeutic effects of quality supplementation to reach your body's optimum level of health.  

I'm currently not accepting individual clients as I roll out my new online course! Check back with me, or go to and search for a provider near you or take their FREE 7-day email course to get a jumpstart on your wellness. 


Personal Training

MovNat Certified Trainer, L1

MovNat is a full-range movement system based on natural human movement abilities.  Natural movement encompasses all that your body is designed to do, from walking and running t0 lifting and carrying, to hanging, climbing, jumping, and balancing.  MovNat training can mobilize a body that hasn't moved in years, strengthen a body in training, and maintain overall fitness with a variety of practical skills that translate across multiple training paradigms. It's more than just a training program, it's a movement paradigm in which your body--moving better--can adapt and perform to the life you live.  Personalized training programs meet all skill levels, whether you're a new mom getting back in shape or an already seasoned athlete.  Skills analysis and customized goal-setting will help us create a personal plan for you.

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Lifestyle Coaching and Other Services

Despite what the magazines say, there is more to a healthy lifestyle than diet and exercise. Sleep quality, stress-management, and especially chemical exposure to hormone-disrupting ingredients in the products we use all play a role in how our bodies are able to adapt and restore.  Through one-on-one coaching I offer insights, strategies and tools, and support in reaching your lifestyle goals whether it's a healthier home, learning to shop smarter, revamping your kitchen pantry with healthy items, mastering a new recipe or making your own sauerkraut.  Sometimes we just need a coach.  

I am also available for speaking engagements and presentations on a range of nutritional and lifestyle information to classrooms and workplaces, or to host a dinner party and prepare a meal in your home to offer a Q and A session over a glass of wine with you and your friends.  Let's customize your own event!

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